Saturday, March 7, 2009

A day away from the crowd

A day away from the crowd

The sun rose slowly as we rode

Yes, we were early on the road

The morning breeze flowed gently

And the smog faded silently

The journey was easy and fast

And we reached that very spot

Some people were already waiting

While some kept us on looking

Then we climbed aboard the boat

And started our voyage to the root

Through the shallow water and swaying palms

To the lonely island far off the banks

Children played and adults enjoyed

In the small island life moved

The food was good and tasty

And so we were all very hasty

Some others moved to the banks

And hid themselves in their hanks

Bottles of toddy were soon emptied

And some of them were unsteadied

Hubby jumped into the river

His friend proved a great diver

The swimming race was a surprise

And with pride he won the prize

Games continued amidst the tea

And we waited eagerly to see

Who the ideal couple amongst us was

And what the lucky ones has

Tapioca, puttu and fish curry

Plates were emptied in a hurry

We were half an hour before schedule

But the people did keep their cool

As sun down went in the west

And all were thinking of rest

I thought of the ancient mariner

While the red glare shined on the river

“Water water everywhere!”

Every drop tasty and we drank

This was a day to enjoy

And we spent the times with joy

A day different from all days

Said the smile on my friend’s face

Lovely was this getaway journey

To the island beautiful and lovely


  1. Very nice one... you've got real talent with words...

  2. Tapioca, puttu and fish curry
    Plates were emptied in a hurry....?

    Parukuttiyamma Fish Cury Kazikkumo...? Njan Karuthi Vegetarian aanu enu....